Friday, 21 February 2014

Rover Returns !

Rosie as she left training today.

Today sees the third in our increasingly popular guest writers. Maintaining the animal theme started by Michael Fish last week is Harry's dog, Rosie. Thanks to Rosie who took time out to give us a quick interview from her car just like her master so often does. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks ? 

Let's hope you can though because the last time Harry was in South East London for a league game he didn't prove too good at fetch when someone through him the ball. Fair caught him smack on the head it did and he missed the equaliser in the process. And they say lightening doesn't strike twice !

Woof ! Thanks to ANEM for letting me speak directly to you about Saturday's big London derby. I can't be too rude about my master's team but as apparently he can't read, send texts etc, I don't really need to worry do I ? Ooh I'm such a bitch eh ! Oh ! Yes, I am aren't I ?

Before I get into my preview I ought to give you some background to my footballing pedigree. Although I grew up in Barking and despite my master's association, I'm not a Hammers fan. In fact, I'm a Blackburn fan, Come On Rovers ! How that came about is a long tale but having paused for thought I'll leave it at that although I was very nearly a Huddersfield fan but I went off them because they couldn't hang on to a lead.

QPR are not in the best of form at the moment having been dogged by bad luck of late. Perhaps the arrival of Ravel Morrison will see an upturn in fortunes. Master is very excited by his arrival, he's like a dog with two............bones !

Joey Barton will be missing as he is suspended again, Master is not best pleased and he's taken my place in the dog house !

Mind you with a squad like Rangers have any old fool ought to be able to get them promoted, right ? 

You might expect me to want Rangers to win but I have a soft spot for Charlton that goes back to the days of my favourite Addicks player, Rufus.

I think it will be a close game but a lot will depend on the keepers. I see that Hamer returned to action this week and may takeover from Thuram in goal. Green is an ok keeper although not as good as my favourite, Peter Schmeichel, he was a great Dane. 

There is a danger that Charlton will have half an eye on Monday's cup game and who could blame them. After all it's only two games from a semi-final at Wembley. Unlike the league cup the FA Cup semis are not two-legged matches. I don't like that, as my favourite author, George Orwell, once wrote, " two legs bad ! ". 

For the record my favourite all time eleven is :- Puppy Reina, Didier Dogba, John Terrier, David Barkham, Robbie Growler, Spaniel Agger, Emile Hukey, Danny Shih Tzu, Scott Barker, Brian La Bone and Johnnie Dachshund.

Here's to a good game on Saturday and should the R's lose then I'm sure Master won't blame the pitch like some Tottenham managers are prone to do. 

Our thanks to Rosie for sparing some time to talk to us.

Come On You Reds !

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