Friday, 14 February 2014

Sheffield Saturday ?

Michael looking good there.
Despite the mixed reaction to Anna Gram’s preview of last Saturday’s game ANEM has decided to try again with a guest writer. Previewing the cup game at Hillsborough is appropriately, Michael Fish. 
It’s been a bad spell of “ wether “ recently hasn’t it ? ( My apologies, be prepared however, as this isn’t the last of Mike’s meteorological mirth ).  
There have been a number of deep depressions caused by events both on and off the pitch. This has led to Chris Powell coming under heavy pressure. This is mostly coming from the continent and Belgium in particular. Chris will be hoping his “ rain “ as Charlton boss continues for some time.
The poor run of weather looks set to continue today and tomorrow. Some of it has been exaggerated though with one lady phoning me this morning to say she thought tomorrow’s game will be off. Don’t worry, it won’t. I can confidently predict that temperatures will reach 20 degrees Celsius with sunshine all the way. 
Wednesday have been on a good run lately but this is the cup and although I normally keep my predictions strictly to my one area of expertise, however, I’m happy to predict the score tomorrow. It’ll be a flood of goals for the Addicks. Yes, the boys in red will win 5-0. A hat-trick for Church with a brace for Pritchard with both coming off the bench to score.  
I’d like to predict that Cousins will score but I saw him shoot last week and he “ mist “. Thuram will save two penalties. I know this all sounds like bravado but I’m confident although that confidence is buoyed by the fact that I’ve just had a few bevvies in the Iso Bar. 
Hopefully the lads will keep their heads, we don’t the referee to have to send one of our boys off for an early shower.  
As ever it’s difficult to tell what side Chris will put out, even I’m not that good ! Here’s the eleven I’d send out for this one :-
David Rainey, Dominic Blizzard, Tony Gale, Suzanne Charlton, Johnnie Jacksun, Chris Soliel, George Ray, Sun Jihai, Dean Windass, Per Wind, William Flood. 
I trust that all those going have a great day and don’t forget to pack the Factor 25. 
Come On You Reds ! 
Thanks Michael, er, I think !

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