Sunday, 16 February 2014

My Favourite Waste Of Time

A break from the league, nearly 2,000 Addicks in attendance and a chance to see if the new arrivals could play well together. There was so much to look forward to. Typical then, that in one of the worst seasons in living memory, the game should be called off. Michael Fish got it wrong it seems !

Add to that the fact that a pitch inspection just an hour earlier would have saved a lot of folk an awful lot of hassle, only serves to pour oil on troubled waters. It must have been clear when the groundsman arrived at 7am that it wasn't going to go ahead. Clattenburg should have ensured he was there to inspect at 9am at least.

We reached J23 ( Loughborough area ) when we heard it was off. Living in Milton Keynes that wasn't as bad as it was for some others. I really feel for those from further afield and especially those on the 10.26am train I think it was.

We left at 10am in the knowledge that there was an inspection at 10.30am but had we waited until news that the game was going ahead would have been nearly an hour behind, so took the gamble anyway.

There we are then, another blank Saturday when the fixtures continue to mount up. Another Tuesday night game beckons and we're going to do well to complete our fixtures especially if we do progress in the cup. The pessimist in me says we won't overcome Wednesday but finally, an away tie with Everton would be a good one for me. Please let it happen !

The lack of action on the loanee front last week was very disappointing. The need to have a bigger squad with some experienced league players has just intensified. Surely Roland can see that an outlay of some sort is needed to give ourselves even the slightest hope of getting out of the bottom three. Hopefully, we'll be bringing some in next week.

It's half term next week and you'd have thought it an ideal week to schedule the whole league for fixtures. No, apparently not.........can't understand that.

We'll keep fingers crossed that next week's game against QPR goes ahead because we clearly can't afford to add another one to the list. It's all well and good having games in hand but you've got to win them and that's not easy with the relentless slog of two games a week. Points on the board is a more preferable situation.

Pray for good weather and the arrival of those loanees in the days ahead.

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