Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year !

We can but hope !

I was toying with the idea of putting a question mark at the end of the headline instead of an exclamation mark.

On the pitch 2015 has been pretty depressing. I have witnessed some of the worst Charlton performances in all my time following the team. I think MK Dons away was a particular low point. Thankfully I missed Bristol City away as that sounds like it was on the same level. 

In terms of CAFC 2016 could be a good year with a couple of straight forward actions that ought to turn around our fortunes. That would be the appointment of an experienced Championship manager with a half decent pedigree and the acquisition of similar players. 

As I've said before it really is that simple. Sadly, all the signs are to the contrary with seemingly the sale of some of our prize assets and no change of manager.

Quite what Roly hopes to achieve by persisting with his present ( and I use the word lightly ) strategy is almost impossible to fathom. He is losing money and that is set to continue as things stand. in addition, with each passing day there's less likelihood of any potential buyer coming forward should he ever decide to sell the club.

What was the point of sacking Luzon ? At least under him I felt we might get the odd result. To a degree Karel has had some bad luck but I feel that any belief in him is fast evaporating. 

It is all quite bizarre especially given the he sold Standard Liege, a Belgian club with greater European pedigree whoever limited that may be and so much closer to home. Why he should want to hold on to CAFC is a mystery. Even more so when one considers the grief it must be causing him.

Should relegation happen and the ongoing decline continue then it is something that we may never recover from or it will take a long, long time at best. Our appeal to any potential buyer would be so greatly diminished despite the location and undoubted potential.

Come 31st December 2016 and a lot of water will have passed under the bridge and we'll know how it has all panned out. We can only hope that sense has prevailed and we are in a better place.

In the meantime, my thanks to Ketts for his ongoing support. Thanks to other too bloggers who invariably report on matters in a better and more erudite way than I. It's good to take comfort in what is becoming a misery shared !

My thanks also to all of you who have taken the time to read or comment on my nonsense.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year !

Enjoy !


  1. And a happy new year to you to Phil! many thanks for your articles and laughs - it helps to make it all more bearable.

    Pembury Addick

  2. Cheers P.A. Have a good one !

  3. I predict the present cases of anger may well turn into a particular virulent form of gallows humour once it becomes clear how CAFC are going to progress, or not, heading towards May.
    Keep smiling through Phil.
    Wishing you a top 2016, away from the football of course.

  4. Happy New Year Year to one and all. Looking forward to 2016 from behind the sofa!
    Thame Addick