Monday, 7 December 2015

A Lot Of Luck.......

and all of it bad.........oh bu**er !

For Charlton it seems that when your luck’s out, it’s really out !

Having selected what appears to have been the almost perfect starting eleven against Brighton the fates conspired against us to give us a good hard kick up the backside.

How Fox started ahead of Holmes-Dennis is anyone’s guess. Sadly, having been given a lifeline he failed to take it. His passing was woeful and he got beaten time and again on the left. Added to that his crossing remains really poor.

I didn’t think this was a game for young Lookman……how wrong I was ! His goal on 2 minutes was one of real quality and show exactly why a few big clubs are looking at him so early in his career. He really does have some talent and was the stand out player for many people. In a tireless performance he covered nearly every blade of grass on the pitch… wonder he was so gutted at the end.

That we had scored so early was barely believable and that we added a second a few minutes later was truly astonishing. Reza netting again to double the lead. Had we scored that with a minute to go then one could have relaxed but it was always going to be a tough ask without adding that killer third goal. Thus it proved to be !

The early loss of Lennon was a disruption and set the tone for the rest of the match. With so few options it had to be Sarr as his replacement ( why didn’t we snap up Lloyd Doyley ? ) he failed to convince again.

Had Vaz Te been fit enough to last the full ninety minutes would also have helped but his departure was another factor in our defeat.

We had two glorious opportunities to get that crucial third but neither were taken. I think most of us felt the writing was on the wall after that. Even then it has to be said that the sending off of Bauer was pivotal and injuries to JBG and more importantly to Henderson were big blows. I’m sure Hendo would have stopped their third had he been anywhere near fit. Clearly he was in pain and could barely move but he couldn’t come off and we had no subs and were already down to ten men.

I’m sure I read somewhere that the emergency loan window will be scrapped form next season. That has to be the right thing. Brighton hardly need James Wilson ! Fair play to them and they are not alone in getting players in but it really should only be used for goalkeepers.

I’ve seen a number of people moaning about losing from 2-0 up but in reality we played so well in that first half and suffered cruel luck as the game wore on and really paid the price for not getting that third as I said. It’s being really harsh on all concerned to complain too much.

Onto next week and the injuries and suspensions already make one fear for the worse against an indifferent Leeds side. One assumes that Lennon will recover from his clash of heads but Bauer is suspended. Cousins didn’t look good and JBG similarly didn’t seem great as he hobbled away.  Add to that the knock that Henderson got and it really does suggest a weakened side.

None of the above was on any Addicks’ Christmas list ! Life never gets any easier for the club’s physios as they appear to have a workload almost on a par with that at Arsenal.

Having dropped back into the bottom points are desperately needed and Karel and Co will be hoping they come soon.


  1. Yeah I ope JJ is back cos ad e been able to come on in the 2nd arf we may ave eld on or least got 1 point. Iss cruel wot appens in football sometimes. Next game our gaff so less ope Lookman n Olmes-Dennis shine again.

  2. ^ Translation into English?

    1. Did yourn learn ow to use a dictionry in school.

  3. You can say that again.

  4. good report Phil. I was at the game too and went without any expectation of us even scoring. Had a good pint and pie though and enjoyed the fist half performance. Dave from Hastings