Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Kismet Not Kermit

A dream come true......

I can't take credit for the headline as I've nicked it from a Foxes forum but it sums it up nicely eh ? The booing of Yann was anticipated but those Leicester fans did themselves and ultimately their team few favours. I suspect there was a hint of jealousy as we had the two best strikers on the pitch perhaps three if you include Ricardo's half time appearance !

An early departure from CMK saw myself and the ANEM junior having a couple of cheeky ones in the Market Porter in Borough Market just after 4pm. The Harveys best was most toothsome ! A couple of beers were had in the Liberal Club before taking our seats in the ground.

Leicester started brightly and enjoyed a good opening 10 to 15 minutes or so. They passed and moved quickly with a strong physical presence, too physical on occasion. The referee, Fred Barber, was poor and should have brandished yellow earlier and more frequently.

Our two goals were excellent and that Yann ultimately scored what proved to be the winner was the ideal scenario that I was hoping for. 

The Foxes are a good side and we were really under the cosh in the second half but we displayed some resolute defending. In addition, we're learning quickly. There was a first half spell when we didn't see much of the ball but to the lads credit when we got it back we started to pass it more and looked to just keep hold. Clearly the right thing to do at the time.

I can't fault anyone's performance. BWP had just about his finest game for us, he really put a shift in aside from delivering a great goal allied to superb overall play. No doubting his motivation last night. 

Yann was well, Yann and he won just about everything in the air whilst giving their defence a torrid time. Having sent the Frenchman and Sir Chris our way perhaps one of the better Leicester players can also miss a penalty soon and be hounded out all the way to SE7.

Konch backed up my view that he is more a left sided midfielder than left back. He got the run around on occasions yesterday and save for one decent cross in the first half, his passing and delivery were poor. 

Hamer continued to impress me. Not only is his handling vastly improved, his positional sense was spot on last night, I'm loving the 20-20 vision Ben !

The defence merits mention and praise. Well done boys. It'd be remiss of me not to refer to Solly's second half run down the line whilst shepherding the ball away from danger. Words are not enough, you had to be there I'm afraid !

A superb game then and an atmosphere to match. I reckon it was better than anything we witnessed all of last season even if the crowd was smaller than some of those games. It seemed just about everyone was up for it and I'm still struggling to speak this morning following all the singing and shouting !

The signing of Ricardo, albeit 10 years too late, is a good one. He'll be a great addition to the squad. I missed his introduction at half time as I met up with Ketts who had kindly secured me a copy of Anorak Addick. I believe another edition is due to hit the streets, well Floyd Road anyway, on Saturday so look out for that.

I also had the pleasure of meeting E.G. Addick too at half time. We felt that the next goal was crucial and whoever got it would go on to win, thankfully that didn't prove to be the case.

I'm switching sports today. On Sunday I saw Kent overcome Northants in the CB40 and today sees a must win game versus a Yorkshire side who, I hope, have half an eye on the T20 finals at the weekend. A Kent win today would set up a great game on Monday against Sussex.

I'll be stopping overnight in God's chosen county so a beer or two seems in order. Hopefully I'll be toasting a Kent win in addition to raising a toast to the Addicks and a certain Frenchman in particular !


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