Tuesday, 4 January 2011


                                             proved to be correct and Parky got the fleetwood.

You'd have to be pretty heartless not to feel some sympathy for Parky following his sacking today. Clearly he's a nice, genuine guy who sadly couldn't quite do the business with a squad of players capable of securing promotion.

Recent games have been very frustrating especially at home. Defeat agaiast Walsall and an inablility to overcome two teams reduced to 10 men early was bad enough even before last night's debacle.

I'm not sure what the system or tactics have been of late. I know I was tiring of watching long balls banged up to a striker who lacks the strength or ability to do anything with them. Benson had Mooney-like tendancies in that he was another who shall not be subbed however badly he's playing.

I'm sure the players have been confused. I learnt that the players were practising some drills on the pitch a few hours prior to kick off. A bit late in the day and clearly whatever they did had little to no positive effect.

The swift action to remove him and the entire backroom staff indicates that someone is lined up. I'm sure most of us would like to think that someone like Hughton, Wilkins R, Poyet or indeed Curbs is going to come in, however, I suspect it'll be Wise. Like many others I feel that he's been waiting to enter stage left since the takeover and it was only a matter of time. Again like many others I don't want to see him in charge but believe the writing's on the wall.

Incredible to think that following so many years of managerial stability we've had numerous managers in recent seasons. My wish is that we now make a good appointment and that they can deliver some entertaining, winning football that will elevate to the upper echelons of the Championship at the very least.

Here's hoping...................

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