Sunday, 30 January 2011

Rochdale and Fine Whines

Infamous Rochdale resident, Gillain Duffy is horrified as learns the Rochdale v Charlton games is off again. At least she got to meet up with her old friend, Gordy, who later confirmed that the pair now see eye to eye. If there's bad news to deliver then who better than the silver tongued ex-Prime Minister eh ?

It wasn't just Gillian who was disappointed with the game's postponement, most Addicks fans especially those planning on visiting Spotland were equally upset. The chances of many loyal fans making the long trip oop North midweek for the re-arranged game seem slim.

My weekend has been something of a disaster but not totally. I was due to be attending a fine wines tasting course in London courtesy of my mate who bought it as a pressie for my landmark birthday last're only 30 once !

Guess what though ? Yes, that's right it was cancelled at the last minute a la Rochdale v Charlton albeit on the Friday evening. However, every cloud and all that.......I've been suffering with man flu all weekend starting on the Friday evening and was in no state to appreciate the various wines on offer. I'm fairly certain I don't have have a delicate palette but my inability to taste even a bowl of sugar puffs yesterday ( odd what you eat when you're ill.......and in my case when I'm not too come to that ! ) meant that had we gone they might as well have served me a cheeky glass of paint stripper.

This is also the second time this event has been cancelled.............uncanny eh ?

At least we should have a slighty fresher team for Tuesday night's feast of football with Colchester. Slick passing, nimble little players, fast pacey wingers.......are many of the expressions not used to describe the U's. Hopefully we can outplay them with some attractive football.

The addition of BWP is a good one and if other blogs are correct another couple of players may be added before that window slams shut for the rest of the season. With the fixtures piling up we're going to need everyone in our squad as the inevitable suspensions and injuries kick in. I'm keeping myself in trim just in case Sir Chris needs an overweight, one footed, over 30 man with no co-ordination........well it's not stopped many others truning out for us has it ?

Seems like Dyer may be added to the coaching staff which sounds good if what I've read about how highly he's rated at West Ham is to be believed.

Promotion, automatic or via play offs may be beyond us this season but I like to think that we're steadily laying the foundations for the next and future seasons. I'm impressed that no appointments or signings ( loans or otherwise ) are not rushed. They all seem to be given them lengthy consideration.......I like that.

Can't wait for Tuesday, assuming that I'm feeling a lot better than I do right now to see Sir Chris put out his second team now he's got more options and had more time to look at players.

I so enjoyed the Messiah's return last Saturday..........truly wonderful. From start to finish ( I'm overlooking that we didn't play too well, it's early days ) with the final tunnel leap.........what a day........I nearly shed a tear !!

Pre and post-match beers at the Royal Oak have not tasted as good for some time. It was a very late departure from the Oak for the return to Milton Keynes. Large doner and chips as well............proper footie Saturday !

Come On You Reds !

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  1. Great to have you back in Blogland Phil, always look forward to reading your thoughts. Best have the man flu jab next year!