Monday, 17 May 2010

Time To Be Positive !

Work and the cricket season has impacted on me to the extent that I've not posted anything for two weeks. Well there's been bu**er all to comment on aside from a coalition, 1st leg play off, Palarse staying up and tonight's upcoming game !

My view is that we need to be positive both on and off the pitch. Off the pitch that means getting right behind the team for the full monty, however long that may be !

On the pitch that means no Mooney and playing Reid from the start. I've lost count of how many times I've been frustrated with the omission of Reid from the starting line up. How many times did we need a decent cross from the left on Friday but Bailey was unable to supply it not least because their defenders knew they just had to force him onto his left foot. Hopefully that hasn't already cost us the overall fixture.

Obviously an early goal will be great tonight but if we don't concede then it could go down to the wire.

It's going to be nail biting as it always is wth the Addicks. Let's hope we overcome the Robins and can look forward to another Wembley appearance !

Come On You Reds !

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