Monday, 3 May 2010

Scot wins poll despite gaffe !

Well done Christian !

Good to see our Christian win the most important vote of the month, year etc. He even managed to overcome a little pre-election gaffe when it appeared he'd upset the Addicks tea leady Gillian Wilkins. Gillian is, of course, infamous for providing the players with large mugs of the nation's favourite beverage. Chrisitain was widley mis-quoted and later able to confirm that he had called her " a bigger tea lady ". Thank goodness that was cleared up !

I was pleased to see Semedo recognised with a close second. He has been such a massive player for us in recent months.

Well, who'd have thought ? We go into the last game of the season still with a chance of finishing second ! Ok we all know it's unlikely but if we didn't have hope as Charlton fans there there'd be no point in anything now would there !

A shame that the Owls didn't overcome Palarse yesterday. Varney through one on one with the keeper.......we all knew what the outcome there would be. Similarly when Jeffers only need get a tuft of hair onto a cross to score.............we all knew what the outcome there would be.

Ambrose almost inevitably scored the all important second for that lot. Let's hope we end up playing them in the league next season, hopefully with the away game at a yet to be determined venue !

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