Thursday, 19 November 2009

No Sign of Huish Park

I'm afraid the t'internet has let me down. I've done my research and checked the map but no sign of a football ground or farms come to that. No sign of any cider either..........hmm something's a foot. It's not what I expected at all !

Never mind, I'll be setting my watch back to 1969 on Saturday as we head off to the West country. We'll be hoping for a good performance with not too many shots ending up over the cowshed.

The Glovers have done well of late and will provide a decent test. However, I'll be disappointed if we don't harvest as many points as a pitchfork with 3 tines.

You never know with Parky but assuming all fit ( think Richardson's the only doubt ) then I'm guessing it'll be the same starting eleven as that which gave the Dons a good pasting on Saturday.

The same subs on the bench would be fine too, therefore, with Sodje A again among them. I like the options we have up front now, mostly that we don't have to play McLeod. Could be a long time before we see him again.

This is an important game and no mistake. Another team from the West awaits on Tuesday and these are games we must win to push on with our quest for promotion.

Come On You Reds !

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  1. I will be driving solo from the Midlands to deepest Somerset as well Phil. Not looking forward to that part to be honest though I am anticipating a good game.

    Hopeful we can win a difficult match. COYA.