Sunday, 18 October 2009

Narrow Win ?

Was this a narrow win in more ways than one ? Hmm. Certainly parity at half-time was about right. I felt we had more of the game in the second half and could ( and perhaps should ) have added at least two more. To be fair Huddersfield had their chances too. Maybe it's bias but I felt we deserved the win and a draw would have been a bit harsh.

It is just me or has the pitch been narrowed ? We really need an aerial view of the pitch.
" Yes, it definitely looks narrower to me ! "

If this is the case then it's not a bad idea. Whilst it may negate the impact of Sam slightly it means Bailey is a litte more central.

I was greatly and pleasantly surprised to see Parky ring the changes, I really thought he wouldn't do it ! Sodje made an instant impact of course. That made me regret my not betting on him to score first....the odds were good too ! Going 4-4-2 was a sound move and made us look better and create more.

We were subject to another poor refereeing display. If he wanted to show he wasn't a " homer " he certainly achieved it. Some quite ludicrous decisions. Hopefully we won't see him again.

The substitution of Spring was much needed although he'd had a fine half. He worked hard and played several fine through balls. Semedo though offers that little bit more and helped to nulify Huddersfield midfield and attack.

Youga had another great game, I'm really enjoying watching him this season. What asight going forwards. Richardson nearly matched him in the second half with a terrific run that sadly broke down at the last.

What then of McLeod ? I was going to headline with " inanimate object scores goal " but that's probably a bit harsh. Best leave that one at the Stadium of Light.

Yes, he did score, not a great goal but a goal nonetheless. However, for me it was the one positive against a number of negatives. I really want to like the bloke and appreiate what he does but he makes it so hard !

Early on he went down twice at least with blatant dives. The result was that when he was geniunely fouled he didn't win the free kick. He did the same in the second half.........never going to get a penalty.

He continued to miss chances, the one he blazed over the bar was shocking, only need to be on target.

Yet again he removes his shirt when he scores. At a time when we've had to call in another striker he takes himself to the verge of suspension with his fourth booking of the season. Absolutely brainless !

Enough of that, I should be happy and overall I am. We've reached the top albeit having played two games more than Leeds. My hope is that we can still be top two at Christmas and strengthen from there.

Next week offers a tough game the Gills. Let's hope that with great support we can get something from it.

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