Saturday, 24 October 2009

Love Don't Live Here Anymore

There seems to be a lot of angst amongst the Gills fans towards us. Not sure why, didn't we help them out some years ago with fund raising and attending one or two of their games ? It seems the manager and chairman are at the forefront of this. Hey ho, no matter, I've nothing against the club personally.

In goal of course is Simon Royce. Funny things you never knew but Wikipedia has just confirmed that his mum, Rose, had a hit in the seventies with " Love Don't Live Here Anymore ". I wasn't sure about that, infact, at first I was afraid, then I was petrified.......but then who can doubt Wikipedia eh ? Funny what you can DISCOver !

I always liked Simon when he was at Charlton and thought he did us proud. He seemd only to play when Ilic was injured but he kept several clean sheets. However, Ilic always got back into the side. Curbs, I think later admitted he'd been too loyal to Ilic who, if we're honest, was a one season wonder.

I note that several ex-haddocks are amongst the Gillingham squad. It all adds a bit of interest to an already spicy game.

Leaving aside my views on McLeod, I think Parky needs to go 4-4-2 again this week. With that in mind, I suspect he'll keep the same starting eleven as last week save for Semedo coming in for Spring. Hats off to Spring by the way, he always gives of his best and never seems to complain.......very much the team player that Parky seems to favour.

I believe that this is one game that Gillingham definitiely want to win and so with 4-4-2 we should be matching them up as we will, of course, on the shirt sponsor front ! I'd think about going to 4-5-1 against Carlisle ( allowing a fresh Shelvey to return ), a game we really ought to win.

Sadly, I'm not going today. My sporting action will be watching Northampton Saints v Sale Sharks. Suspensions and injuries for the Saints make this a closer game than it might otherwise have been.

I digress, back to's game will be played in difficult conditions and so it may come down to a mistake or slip somewhere. Let's just hope that it's not someone in a red shirt that makes it !

Come On You Reds !

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