Friday, 6 January 2017

Good Luck Ademola !

Best wishes young man - it was pleasure to see you play.

Lookman’s protracted move to Everton finally completed then and even if it doesn’t work out he can still make a fortune out of selling his miracle cure for the common cold !

I really hope it is successful for him and that he goes on to win international caps too. He can’t have chosen a better club to join, Everton are top notch in every respect with a fantastic ethos. In fact, people used to say the same about us.

Ronald Koeman, I understand, was interested in Ademola when at Southampton and was clearly determined to get his man.

Clearly this is good business in the normal run of events. However, it is done against a background of failure and mismanagement by the present owners that means the selling of one of our brightest stars is not an isolated incident.

The further down the leagues we go the less able we are to resist any decent offer nor the player himself to turn down the opportunity to play at a higher level.

It really is that simple and yet I see some folk defending Meire and co. It wouldn’t be so bad if a large amount of transfer fees was spent on strengthening the team. However, I think even the most deluded fan will acknowledge that that isn’t a remote possibility.

Roly will no doubt argue as to why he would want to spend large amounts of money on players that the next manager off the taxi rank might not like !

Forster-Caskey has come in and if one is to believe Robinson then at least two more are on their way. Hopefully they will join before next week’s game against Millwall who could soon find themselves homeless.

Perhaps we could ground share ! Then we could have socialising and dancing on a weekly basis in S.E. 7 !

All joking aside what’s potentially happening to Millwall isn’t good news for any club. As ever, it seems that the authorities both inside and outside football stand by watching from afar as another club is in crisis.

Never mind though as long as the Premiership conitues unimpeded, that’s all that matters eh ?

Monday’s win over Bristol Rovers has seen a few people get a bit ahead of themselves. Naturally post-match Robinson was spouting all kinds of nonsense. Not least his comments about Aribo – “ he’s the next Dele Alli ! “.

Clearly not one to engage his brain before speaking or reflect on what he’s said, Robinson has just heaped a load of pressure on a young player. At the same time he’s made him a marked man in future games as well as alerting other clubs to his potential.

Robinson was like a runaway train on Monday evening. There is a need for some perspective. It was an ok performance where we retained the ball better than in recent weeks, that’s clear for all to see.

In addition, it was good to witness the ball being played out to the full backs and central defenders more than in recent times. However, 3 of our goals came from set pieces against a porous defence. The one goal from open play followed a sumptuous through ball allied with a sublime finish.

Possession is good but it won’t win you games on its own of course. I can’t remember many chances that we created from open play. The Millwall game offers a better test of how effective the manager has been in achieving the style of play he wants.

Then from February onwards following the closure of the transfer window it’s the acid test. Robinson may do better than his final days at MK with an arguably better squad of players…….we’ll see.

In the meantime he ought to calm down and let events on the pitch do the talking. His comments are frequently repetitive and exaggerated. As was pointed out on Charlton Live last night they look even more so when written down.

Please concentrate on next week’s game and cut out the silly and overblown comments. It’s really not helping.


  1. Phil I love the idea of ground sharing with Millwall and a weekly dance with their fans..Skinhead Moonstomp perhaps?

    Pembury Addick

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