Monday, 14 November 2016

Dire !

The loss was inevitable the gutless performance perhaps less so !

It’s ok for Slade to come out and apologise but pity the poor sods that had to shell out to be there as well as make the effort to do so. If you want to start building bridges forget your 34 fruitless meetings with the customers………how about you at least refund them the ticket money !

Apparently, we without some “ regulars “ on Saturday. I think you can exclude Botaka from that group. Viewed as a squad player by Slade it seems. He’s played more international football than that of the club variety !

We have a slow and ponderous midfield and yet the poor guy can’t get a start !

Slade seemingly has no ability to motivate the players. Ahead of the game you’d have set them up for the battle. You’d have laid down the challenge. You’d have pointed out what an opportunity it was to stake a claim in a club who will always give youngsters a chance ( unless you’re a midfielder of course ! ).

“ They’re making us play without our full squad available. We’ll show ‘em ! “

Do we have no young midfielder that we could have given a start to ? Not even a place on the bench for one ! What was there to lose ?

Checkatrade Chicksen again overlooked but yet looked quite lively when he got a few minutes on the pitch. Even then it wasn’t in his preferred position. Can Slade not link Fox’s poor performances to him being under no pressure ?

Hanlon played out wide ! Ulvestad pushed out wide ! Tex doesn’t start or come on to shore up a poor defence.

What on earth is Slade thinking ? I despair !

Apparently the lads had spent all week working on that formation ! Didn’t look like it did it ? Never mind, Slade is going to make amends next week.

A club or owner with some real ambition would have dismissed Slade by now. Not just for results but because of the truly awful performances and style of play. He has a decent squad but is not getting the most from it.

Our wonderful CEO really messed up by not agreeing to Chris Wilder’s demands. I can’t believe they were outrageous.

The problem is now who is going to want to come to us even if Slade did get the sack ? There are some decent managers out there and one only need look at those linked with the MK Dons job to see that.

There are some tough games coming up and I can only see things getting worse, the mood will darken and Slade comes under pressure even if only from the fans.

It would be remiss of me not to wish our glorious owner a happy 70th birthday and as you’ll all know there is taxi out there waiting to give him a lift. It’s seems only fair given that he’s taken us all for a ride.


  1. Slade is just a 70's rock band ' So here it is happy Christmas Charlton loose again!'

  2. or Dire Straits for a more contemporary reference Anon. I'm sure we could go on with more and also write a few more verses of your song !

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