Friday, 18 September 2015


Let's hope for better oop north on Saturday !

I know we are a friendly club and we all like Chris Powell but we didn’t need to lie down and have our belly rubbed on Tuesday. Especially so after the poor result against Rotherham.

Some disappointing performances and odd decisions from Tuesday night.

·         I’m led to believe that Diarra was “ rested “. Er, why after an international break ? In any case Diarra is a lean and fit player and as a centre half doesn’t do much running. Goalkeeper aside, the central defenders do the least running in a football team.

·         Why didn’t JBG take that free kick in the first half. Just outside the area and to the right surely it was tailor-made for him.

·         How did Tony Watt stay on after such an insipid performance ?  It is even more baffling that the Great Dane came off. Ok he wasn’t doing that well but come the last 10  to 15 minutes when we were banging balls into the box then he was needed……….odd !

·         Why is Cousins still starting on the left ? I fail to see what Ba does that Jordan couldn’t do and better. Surley Bergdich could start there although I suspect our Everton loanee may do so on Saturday. The absence of a natural left sided player resulted in Watt drifting out the left many times meaning there was little chance of him linking up with Simon.

·         How did Sarr get selected ahead of Lennon ? He was shocking.

Many questions and mysteries and we will probably never know all the answers !

I can’t believe that the players are getting caught up in all the hype ahead of the Palace game. That is looking like a real disaster waiting to happen…….I hope I’m wrong.

On to Saturday and Blackburn away. Being my usual pessimistic self I can’t see us doing anything other than us continuing to help kick start another team’s season. Again, I hope I’m wrong.

Good luck to anyone going on Saturday especially Ketts…….enjoy those pies !

Come On You Reds !