Monday, 5 May 2014

A Rather Splendid Evening Part 2

Well done Diego

Last week was probably the best we've enjoyed all season both on and off the pitch. The back to back wins with a total of 6 goals scored and the sponsors and player of the year dinners saw to that. 

Last night I attended the latter event. Getting down early allowed me to visit some old haunts and once again bore the pants off my lad with tales of my youth....he'd heard them all before of course !

We stopped at the Antigallican having parked the car in the Valley car park. Time allowed for a couple of swift ones before making our way back to the ground. 

Once inside we found our table and sadly we weren't to have a player on it. No matter we found ourselves in decent company and it made for an enjoyable evening.

The players and staff were introduced in turn found their tables. It was great to see most buying a drink for everyone on their table. I think Wiggins actually got a second round in !

After dinner the winners were announced. Jordan Cousins was young player of the year. Michael Morrison was the CASDA player of the year. Wilson was player's player. Morrison was 3rd with Wilson 2nd and of course, Diego was the player of the year.

Jose Riga gave an excellent little speech citing specifically the values of our club and how honoured he was to work for Charlton. 

After all that their was time for many photos and how great were the players as always. I found all of them superb. In trying to tell Ben Hamer that I thought he'd had a good season and that we'd had a great end to it, I told him it'd had been a great season. " No it hasn't ! " he correctly observed. How to make a fool of yourself !

I got a photo with Skip and took the opportunity to tell him how impressed I've been with him and how fantastic the effort has been to ensure survival. 

I also managed to have a photo and a few words with Jose to tell him what a remarkable job he's done since he arrived.

Jose was later seen have a lengthy chat with Hamer, hopefully encouraging him to sign up for next season.

We continued drinking until being on the verge of forcibly removed. We made our way back to the Antigallican.

This morning saw us visit The York Cafe for the usual hearty breakfast before making our way home.

We really do have some special players at our club. A great night and one I will cherish for many years to come. 



  1. Phil, I too have always been impressed with the players when in their company. Fine young men, and I sense a real togetherness and Riga has done well to preserve that and add his own skills. I really hope he stays as we need the stability and I think it will encourage some out of contracts players to stay.

    Sounds as if you and your lad had a great night.

  2. Thanks CA, it was very good. Hopefully we'll keep hold of the important players and Riga too as you say. An interesting few weeks lie ahead !