Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Meat Head

The Middlesbrough manager is seemingly incapable of intelligent post-match comment and so ANEM sought the views of another Mowbray ( pictured above ). We found him altogether more intelligent and with a higher IQ.  Melton told us that looking at the form guide and the league table there was little realistic expectation of Boro beating the Addicks on Saturday.

Being a club of similar, if indeed not smaller, size to Charlton serves only to emphasis this line of reasoning says our porky pal. Melton does have some sympathy with the other Mowbray's comments because, in keeping with our porcine theme, he believes they may have been driven by a desire to save his own bacon following a terrible run of form, performances and results.

Our thanks to Melton, we'll leave it there and look forward to Tony's next visit to The Valley when he brings another massive side to play our little club.

After rushing into a two goal lead On Saturday thoughts turned to a possible repeat of Barnsley but sadly two late Boro goals saw us leave with only a share of the points. Fuller's effort looked onside but hey ho, them's the breaks.

Our away form this season has been terrific and has been due reward to all those who regularly make the effort. Of course, these last two seasons have been good to follow our boys on the road.

Next season we'll have a few more local teams to visit and I sincerely hope that Brentford will be one of them. A proper football stadium with some nice local pubs which all in all makes for a wonderful day out, particularly if we win. Aside from that the Bees were desperately unlucky not to go up automatically.

I'd have been happy this season if we'd finished one position above the relegation places in view of the lack of anticipated spend resulting in Sir Chris not getting the players he had clearly earmarked for this term. To finish where we will is a truly remarkable effort and a wonderful testament to Sir Chris and his team.

Make no mistake, Mr Powell is a very good manager with the potential to be a truly great one. Time will tell of course and we have to hope that he realises that promise with us. We will do well to hold onto him. I'm not overlooking the times that Powell has made mistakes especially regarding the use of subs but he does seem to have learned that lesson amongst several others.

The return of Hughes to the side has seen an astonishing upturn in the team's performances and results. Like many others I find it hard to put my finger on exactly what it is that he does. I do know that he possesses superb positional sense and his cover of the back four has allowed Skip ( Jackson ) to get forward and that has brought about more goals for him allied to a greater overall attacking threat.

On Saturday, I think we should look to celebrate almost as much as we did on the final day of last season. I feel that this campaign's efforts merit that. There is so much promise for the future as we've seen by the success of the Under 18's and Under 21's. Surely more of them will progress to the first team than we've seen of late. Home grown players lift the fans so much as demonstrated by how much we've all enjoyed seeing Harriott flourish this season.

If we can another two or three players of genuine quality and experience then we can a good go at the play-offs at least.

Tonight Millwall play Palace. That should be fun ! It's a no lose situation for us because we can take something every possible result. I hope Millwall lose because I'd love to see them go down. I don't seriously think that will happen but one can dream. I would say to any Spanners, if you do go down there's little you can do and there's no point in beating yourselves up about it, of course however, you already have !


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