Sunday, 3 March 2013


Austin's moment of class settled an otherwise uninspiring game

Another Saturday, another home defeat. Thus, the seemingly natural order of things in maintained.

I sat in a different position in the East Stand yesterday among some very passionless supporters. Ok, you don't have to go mad but please don't criticise all and sundry whilst refusing to sing or cheer. My mood wasn't brightened by someone criticising Fuller for changing his boots. " He had 2 hours before the game to do that ! " Of course Fuller lacks the experience or wisdom of our friend in the stand. A particularly ironic comment to make when one thinks of Johnny Summers doing the same thing at half time against Huddersfield in 1957.......think we all know what happened next ! 

No point in dwelling on this one too much, we've all got better things to do ! We started with 3 forwards and were apparently flitting between 4-3-3 and 4-4-2. Obika was woeful and contributed little. For a second week running I'd have made subs after 15 mins having to admit that it wasn't working. 

At half time I felt sure that Sir Chris would acknowledge the lack of width and remove the aforementioned  Obika and Dervitte. It was frustrating watch Wiggins move forward with a huge area in front of him with no Charlton player there !

The boss made a few changes with Solly being an enforced one of course. Stephens hasn't been good of late as we know but there is a case of horses for courses and yesterday was one game in which he might have made a difference and flourished. We'll never know now and that he wasn't on the bench wasn't the wisest move either. You do need options. 

Last week we had 3 strikers on the bench, this week 3 wingers ! It just don't make no sense !

From last season's settled side we are now chopping and changing all the time and it doesn't seem to be helping. I've not lost faith in Sir Chris, he remains the man for me but he will need to look at the side and try to play a more settled team. Yesterday would have been good to start Harriot I felt and in addition, one of our younger strikers should have been given a go, from the bench at least.

Food for thought ahead of Peterborough on Tuesday. Perhaps Danny Hollands will come back into the reckoning ?

Yesterday wasn't a total waste as we meet 3 Burnley lads and a visiting Leeds fan on the way and met up for a beer after in Greenwich. It was as it should be and we chewed the fat over many football related matters. 

Let's hope we can garner at least 4 points form the next two games as that will go a long way to calming out collective nerves.

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