Thursday, 31 January 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

After a month of waiting and wondering it appears that not a lot, if anything, is to happen regarding new or even loan players. It is suggested that Green and BWP may be lured by the wonder of roundabouts and magic ones at that, however, at the time of writing that is not certain. One assumes if it is then a striker at least would be heading our way, Schlupp perhaps ?

Since we can't find £100k to £200k to get Wordsworth ( a player we really needed ) then I won't be surprised we get nothing. Today's press conference with Sir Chris was supposed to reveal some startling news, it didn't. All we learnt was that the boss is forced to rummaging around in the bargain basement like me shopping on Christmas Eve.

All this speculation is an unwelcome distraction ahead of Saturday's game. We can but hope that Palarse are tired after their travel and subsequent defeat away to Huddersfield.

One hopes that we can put up more fight and a better show than we did at home. I do think we need to go for it and should we find ourselves in the lead that will not be time to sit back and soak up the pressure. I know 4-5-1 has served us well away this season but I think Fuller is needed and that probably requires Yann alongside him. A fit Haynes would be a good shout too for one of those, his pace could prove useful.

It might not be the game for Wiggins to return and indeed would be a tad harsh on Evina who has done little wrong of late.

It promises to be an awful game for so many reasons but we'll all take a " Dennis in the last minute " fact that's perfect although unlikely !

If you're going ( and plenty are ) I hope you have a great day duly crowned off with a win and rubbing it in the noses those idiots in their ramshackle excuse for a football ground.

On Saturday I shall be trying to busy myself before nervously turning on the telly at @ 4.45pm.

It's no time for shirkers and we owe them one after defeat at home.

Come On You Reds !


  1. Do you always insult other teams' fans, how unsporting.

  2. No and of course I really shouldn't especially given that they came to our rescue in our hour of need. Now I feel really bad ;)