Saturday, 5 May 2012

Today One Is Going To Party Like It's 1999.....

-2000. Chaz again doing his Geoffrey Boycott impression although his elephant one remains Camilla's favourite.

Maybe HRH will pop down to SE7 today to what a promotion party looks like, the poor old chap's been waiting for years to have one himself. The celebrations will be loud but I'm sure Charlie will be able to hear them wherever he may be today.

We've not had a promotion party since 2000 and bugger all to celebrate since sending Palarse down to be honest. Therefore, today we have a right to truly enjoy what has been an astonishing season.  That's it's all been achieved with Sir Chris at the helm makes it all the sweeter.

It's been a remarkable season for so many reasons over and above all the records that have been set and in all likelihood won't ever be surpassed. Phrases like " the team needs time to gel " will be banished to football's Room 101. 

There has been so much to celebrate and it's all been made possible by playing decent football with pride and integrity.........all of which sums up our club. You couldn't be more proud of our team and of course, our manager.....what a man ! His shared sense of passion and love for our club really does further endear him to all Addicks. If I felt I could emulate the nifty footwork of the last fan to invade the Valley turf, I'd be tempted to run on and give him a hug today !

Unwittingly today we'll all be doing impressions of Sir Chris by grinning from ear to ear ( sorry your Highness ! ). As far as I can tell the Gaffer has smiled his way through his whole career to date aside from 90 minutes next to Megson's technical area......sometimes even a Saint's patience is tested.

We'd all like a win today but in all honesty who cares and does it really matter. How often have we been to the Valley and not been overly concerned about the result ? Sir Chris boasted that we've had the best plans all season and that even includes one that gives us Monday off to allow for fulsome festivities......well done Sir !

I like many others no doubt, will be quaffing pre-match ale in the Charlton Liberal club.......possibly the only Liberal club that won't have a dark and sombre mood today. 

Let's all really enjoy today, celebrate wildly and I know that a tear or two won't ever be far away as for me every trip to the Valley brings back many memories and emotions are never too far from the surface.

You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Partyyyyyyyy ! RIP Adam Yauch

Come On You Reds !


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