Friday, 2 December 2011

Time For Change

What contrast in tomorrow's fixture compared with that of Monday night. The Huddersfield was a must win played in front of two quite vocal sets of fans, tomorrow, well, very much quieter and I can take or leave the result to be honest although I do want us to win of course. If we do win then I hope for a plum home tie against Man City followed by the honourable defeat by a team that has produced the best football in this country this season.

It's an opportunity to rest a few players and give an outing to some that we don't see so much of and clearly would benefit form a run out. I'd like to see Smith, Pritchard, Evina, Russell, Harriott and a few others. I guess Sir Chris may opt for something akin to the side that dealt with F C Halifax in the previous round.

I didn't think I'd make tomorrow's game but a previous commitment in the Metropolis has been cancelled allowing me to attend........whoopee !   

I'm driving tomorrow so no pre or indeed post-match imbibing for me, think I'll save that for the Oldham game just before Christmas.

I assume that Carlisle will field a pretty full strength team hopefully with the result of seeing a good match.

Whatever the nature or importance of the game, a trip to the Valley is to be treasured and I'm always filled with anticipation as indeed one should be as a fan. It's always special and if that ever stops then it'll be time to call it a day.........can't see that happening though......ever !

Come On You Reds !

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